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One Fully Regulated Unified Exchange

Trade Anything

Trade anything of any asset class, from traditional equities to privately issued securities.

Instant Settlement

All trades are settled instantly, allowing investors to optimize their portfolios swiftly and securely.

List Effortlessly

Advisors and companies can effortlessly issue listings in as little as a single day.

Global Exchange

Finplex's borderless trading empowers global investors to trade anything from anywhere.

Finplex facilitates the trading of assets across any asset class, providing investors with unparalleled access to a wide range of investment opportunities. This includes everything from conventional stocks to privately issued securities, real estate holdings, commodities, carbon credits, and private debt instruments. All under a unified exchange, protected by the Corporation Act and regulated by ASIC.

Trade Anything


Finplex's instant settlement capability empowers investors to seamlessly transition from selling one asset to purchasing another, eliminating delays and any counterparty risks. This innovative feature ensures that the transfer of funds and assets occurs instantly, allowing investors to optimize their portfolios swiftly and securely with direct market access.

Issuers can offer their equity, debt or product in the same environment as the largest firms on the worlds' biggest listed exchanges. Finplex provides regulated flexible listing rules with automated and templated processes, large ticket sizes can be broken down with our securitisation process to improve granularity. Issuers are able to raise funds and find investors across jurisdictions, without the need for a lengthy and costly IPO process.

List Effortlessly

A Truly Global Exchange

Finplex's borderless trading capabilities redefine the way assets are bought and sold globally. It empowers investors to engage in trades from any corner of the world, unlocking a universe of opportunities that transcends geographical constraints. Moreover, advisors and companies can issue listings effortlessly, making it possible for assets to find a place on the platform, regardless of their origin.

Finplex can be fully connected to global listed markets, OTC financial markets and non financial markets around the world for seamless transition between listed and unlisted assets.

Photograph of Rudi Pecker

Rudi Pecker | Co-Founder

Rudi has over 35 years of business experience providing software and business solutions in the financial markets around the globe. He has extensive experience in the Banking, Trading, and Investment Management sector in Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia.

Photograph of Cormac Heffernan

Cormac Heffernan | Co-Founder & CEO

Cormac is passionate about innovation in the Financial Services Industry. His 30 years of experience in financial services has spanned the globe working in Europe, the UK and Australia. Before pursuing innovation through start-up fintech businesses, he gained experience with blue-chip global financial institutions, Northern Trust, Invesco, Investec, Blackrock, and domestic banking major, National Australian Bank.

Photograph of Thomas Vo

Thomas Vo | Chief Technical Officer

Thomas Vo is Australia CEO & Innovator of SotaTek “State-of-the-art Technology”, a global Software Development & IT Consulting offices in Australia, Vietnam, US & Japan with a team of 1000+ digital tech savvy entrepreneurs, designers and young talent engineers. He is focused on digital transformation for businesses to accelerate in the marketplace, as well as keeping up with the continuous trends in digital technology.