Connect your business or platform to the world of previously unreachable assets with our turnkey technical solutions.

API Connect

Connect you're systems directly into the Finplex Investment Platform.


Bring the Finplex Investment Platform to your customers on your pre-existing platform.

White Label Platform

Bring your brand to Finplex with our feature rich white label solution.

Unified Exchange

Regulated and unified exchange with instant settlement across all asset classes.

Investment Register

Finplex investment registry records all holdings of all investors on the Finplex platform.

Public Exchanges

Existing exchanges from around the globe.

Finplex Exchange

Assets of any asset class listed on the Finplex Exchange.

Other Exchanges

Other exchanges that can connect into the Finplex platform.

White Label Solution

  • Advanced Portfolio Insights
  • Trading and Markets
  • Onboarding and Compliance
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